Empowering Amputees One Step at a Time

Empowering Amputees One Step at a Time

Adapting to life as an amputee requires learning new ways to approach daily tasks and pursue personal passions. With your assistance, these brave individuals have the ability to reclaim their independence and continue to lead fulfilling lives.

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Sponsor a Conference


Become a sponsor for the Next Step Amputee Organization's conference, and empower amputees to embrace their potential. Your sponsorship supports invaluable resources, networking, and educational opportunities, fostering resilience and independence for attendees.

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Sponsor a Prosthetic


Support a life-changing gift by sponsoring a prosthetic limb. Your generosity provides amputees with the tools to regain mobility and independence, transforming their lives in profound ways. Empower individuals to overcome adversity and embrace new possibilities - contribute to a brighter future today.

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Sponsor a Sport


Join us in sponsoring an adaptive sports activity for amputees, creating an inclusive and empowering environment for personal growth. Your support enables participants to build confidence, camaraderie, and resilience through physical activity, redefining their potential.

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Sponsor a Children's Camp


Become a sponsor for the Next Step's Childrens' CampAmputee and  give young amputees the opportunity to engage with other children dealing with the challenges of limb loss. Your sponsorship provides these children with an experience that completely shifts their lifelong battle.

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The Next Step helps amputees in Israel obtain prostheses manufactured with advanced technologies, in order to achieve maximum physical function and gain functional independence.